Captain Henry Goldeye Anderton is the feared Captain of the Iron Sails , a notorious pirate group, which lives on the Iron Rocks.

Captain Anderton is a tall and powerfull man with black braided hair and a black beard with skulls of rodents hanging from it. The one side of his face in horribly disfigured and because he once lost his one eye, he has replaced it with a polished lumb of gold, hence his nickname. Captain Anderton’s other eye he protects behind a monocle strapped to his face by a leather strap.

Often the temper gets the better of the Captain and he unleashes his wrath upon anyone and everyone around him. Only his wife, Frigg Anderton, dares to oppose and correct him and Captain Goldeye Anderton would lay the earth wasted for her.

Together the couple has two sons, Kyle and Blake.