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Hi all

Yesterday Butterfly Islands became featured on Wattpad. If you dont know what Wattpad it, it is a website where you can upload and read books for free. Around 30 millioner users, 20 years of age in average. Since Butterfly Islands is already free and I am only looking for readers I thought that Wattpad would be a good platform to try out. Initially, I uploaded Butterfly Islands on Wattpad and applied for it to become featured. Guess what…  Now it is.

My hopes are that in time it will lead to more readers, hopefully someone will want to read the following books in the series, but I also hope that people will want to visit my website to see the artwork and maybe give my books a review on Amazon. That is at least, what I hope for. We will se how it goes. At the moment of writing, 45 people have put Butterfly Islands on the to-read-list. I really hope they will enjoy it.

You can find Butterfly Islands on Wattpad here: https://www.wattpad.com/216725630-butterfly-islands-chapter-1


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