Lessons learned from being on national radio

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Hi all

Here is a short post about what I learned from being on both Danish national and local radio to talk about my books and my book project.

This is what happened:

I published my book ‘Butterfly Islands’ in the beginning of February. Since I was going to a birthday party in Denmark, I figured it would be a good idea to reach out to some radio stations back home and see if they would be interested in having me on air, talking about my books and my book project. I sent out a few press releases and you know what happened? Two fish grabbed the bait and a local and a national radio station invited me to appear on one of their shows. Wooohooo!!!

I, of course, graciously accepted and turned up on a Monday and a Tuesday morning respectively with newly combed hair, brushed teeth and a printout of the book cover. I talked about my books for eight minutes on the local radio station and fifteen to twenty minutes on the national radio station. I could not have hoped for more airtime. In both shows, I made sure to say the sentence: ‘You can download my first book for free by subscribing to my blog, www.sixbooksinsixmonths.com.’ I also talked about the story, how it is to write six books in six months, the fantasy genre, and life in general. I made sure to crack light jokes to make the hosts laugh.

After the shows, I was quite pleased with how it went and expected to be able to lean back and see thousands of downloads from my blog. A career as an author established… No, I did not expect that, and it didn’t happen either.

In total, I had three downloads. No, that is not a typo. One schoolteacher and two of her students downloaded my epic fantasy novel that ought to be turned into a movie. Remember, we are not talking about buying the book. We are talking about downloading it… For free… It even has a quite cool cover with a good-looking girl on. THREE!!! I did not expect much beforehand, but I admit that I had hoped for at least two digits.

The math is like this: 2 radio shows, 23 to 28 minutes on air, 20 or so hits on the blog, and 3 downloads.

Conclusion: Maybe radio shows is not where I should invest all my marketing energy. After all, I don’t even know if my target audience is listening to the radio and that is the lesson learned.

I will try out different marketing stuff along the way and let you know what works and what does not work. Will I appear on radio again? Sure I will. I already have appearances scheduled for March and I look forward to it. After all, It’s a privilege to be able to tell people what I do and love to do. Them not downloading the book is a minor obstacle I will work around later.

By the way. If you understand Danish, you can listen to the national radio show by following this link. You can also listen to it if you don’t understand Danish, but I guess it’s not going to make much sense.

Anyway. On we go. At one point, I will figure out how to make people read my books.


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  1. Sounds fantastic! But it takes a lot of effort doesn’t it?! Just be patient, you”ll get there. 🙂

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