One book down. Five to go

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the end


Hi everyone

Today, I wrote the words I have wanted to write for quite some time: ‘The End’.

It has been 20 crazy days of writing, in which I have blasted past my initial goal of 60.000 words per book. The total word count for book 1, ‘Chronicles of the 21 Butterflies, Deadly Island’, is mind-boggling 80.000. At least, I’ts mind-boggling to me. Not in my wildest dream had I thought I could write that much in such a short amount of time. Four thousand words a day!!! How crazy is that? The best part is: I’m quite thrilled with what I have written.

However, even though I have written 80.000 word in 20 days and feel like celebrating with a week’s holiday on Ibiza, there is no time to rest on the laurels. Tomorrow starts a 10-day editing period that is going to be equally intense. While editing book 1, I also have to come up with the plot for book two and there is a lot of practical stuff to do as well.

My main characters (Casey, Dawn, Wall Brown and all the other pirates) are all right at the moment. I’ve put them in a safe spot where they will wait for me, until I get back to them 10 days from now, when I start writing on book 2.

For now, I will submerge myself into the wonderful world of editing, and before the end, I will probably feel like drowning in letters, words and phrases.



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