Casey/Buckeye is the lead character in the Chronicles of the Twenty-One Butterflies series. We first meet fifteen year old Casey in the beginning of book one ‘Butterfly Islands’ where she flees from her own wedding to join the female only pirate group called the Twenty-One Butterflies.

Casey grew up in Queen’s Harbor in a wealthy family and a as part of the aristocracy of Gallows Sound. After her father’s disapperance, her mother spents their entire fortune, trying to find him. When they run out of money Casey’s mother is forced to marry the merchant Mr. Stevens who is abusive and wants Casey to wed the Governor’s perverted son Alfred.

After running from the wedding and joining the Twenty-One Butterflies, Casey finds out that she is much stronger than she thought and soon rises within the ranks of the Twenty-One Butterflies.

Throughout the books, Casey learns about friendships, betrayal, and revenge and discovers that love can be confusing at times as she is attracted to both sexes.

These amazing illustrations are made by the awesome artists Jessica Börner (Casey with butterflies in her hair) and Miss Smidge Art (Casey at her wedding). You can see more of their fantastic art here for Jesicca and here for Miss Smidge

Click on the illustrations to see them in full size.


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