Teaser: A Battle Scene

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Hi everyone

It has been crazy 10 days of writing with over 35.000 words clocked, but I am over the moon by my progress and the quality of what I have written. Here is a little something from a battle scene involving the main character. I hope you will enjoy it.




Casey found herself in the middle of the fighting. She had never seen a battle before, but it didn’t stop her from participating. She used her two curved knives to cut and stab attackers while, at the same time, she ducked under swords and evaded tips of bayonets. Blood soon covered her arms, and she could feel bloodlust pumping through her veins. The powerful rush of adrenaline made her more aware of her surroundings and gave her lightning fast reflexes. In a bizarre way, she actually enjoyed fighting the uniformed, but rather untrained, soldiers. She enjoyed fending off attackers and hurting them instead of cowering as she had always done. With every thrash of the knife, the scared little girl she had once been disappeared into oblivion.

A soldier saw her, eyeing the skinny little girl as an easy target, and with only four steps he was in front of her. He swung his sword sideways trying to cut her belly open, but she jumped back, and the tip passed inches from her stomach. Then, the soldier tried to cut her down from above, but she dove sideways making the blow miss its target and hit the cobblestoned street instead. Before the soldier could lift the sword for another attack, Casey stepped on it, making it fall from the uniformed man’s hand. Without his sword, the man resorted to a fistfight. He threw a punch at her, but she avoided the fist coming at her, and as she did, she spun around and with the back of her hand buried the knife in the side of his neck and in one swift motion pulled it back out. Blood splattered from the soldier’s mouth as he put his hand to the hole the knife had left. Then he collapsed. Before his knees even hit the ground, Casey had engaged another soldier.

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