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The Blog - Chronicles of the 21 Butterflies

It takes two to tango

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In all aspects of work life, it is important to analyze what you are good at, and where you really really suck. This way you can get help where you need it and only focus on the stuff where you … Continued

I have a dream

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I have a dream. My dream is to be able to make a living from writing fiction. I want to tell stories that linger for weeks after the last page is turned. It will be mind-boggling sci-fiction, epic historical novels, fast paced … Continued

While we wait for the new year

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In the early morning hours of January 1. 2016 I will sit down in front of my laptop. With hangovers from cheap champagne and still wearing funny glasses, I will write the first of 360.000 words which eventually will become six … Continued

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