When Girls Kiss

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Hi everyone

I wrote this passage today. It is a scene in which my lead character Casey finds out that she is attracted to her friend Dawn in more ways than just as a friend.

I wrote the passage after I decided that the characters in my novels should have more sexual orientations than just ‘boy meets girl’. What happens between Dawn and Casey later on, I have not yet decided, but I leave all possibilities open.

Hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Feel free to leave a comment.

Cheers. Chris


Casey realized she unconsciously had been staring at Dawn. She quickly lowered her eyes and looked into the mattress.

‘Nothing, it was just…’ she said and smoothed a fold in the bed linen.

A warm sensation unexpectedly rushed through her body and stopped her from finishing the sentence. Something in Dawn’s intense gaze always made Casey look away. She knew it was probably because of what she knew about her friend being into girls, but she had told herself it didn’t matter and that she wouldn’t act differently around her because of that.

The feeling of her face turning red caught her by surprise. Why did she feel embarrassed? She wanted to get away from the situation and away from how her body reacted. However, she knew it would look silly if she just rushed out of the room.

‘I don’t mind that you look at me when I sleep,’ Dawn said playfully. She put her hand under Casey’s chin and made her look up again.

Their faces were inches apart and Casey felt light-headed as she looked into Dawn’s brown eyes. She wanted to breathe deeply, but resisted the urge. However, she couldn’t stop her body from quivering.

‘Don’t be afraid. I won’t bite,’ Dawn said softly and tucked a lock of Casey’s blond hair behind her ear.

Casey’s eyes were fixed on the full lips in front of her. What am I doing? This is wrong, she thought to herself, but realized she didn’t want to stop either. She felt Dawn’s hand on her waist. The touch of her hand on her naked skin send goosebumps up her arms and neck. Somehow, she had known for a while that she was attracted to Dawn, but she had thought it was only as a friend. Was it more than that? The desire to kiss her mounted and quickly overwhelmed her. Her hand found the back of Dawn’s head and she closed her eyes and pulled her closer.

A knock on the door startled them both and Casey quickly pushed herself away from Dawn again, falling out of the bed. She quickly rose to her feet and took several deep breaths to regain the self-control she obviously had lost. Her body was still quivering and it took a while before she even dared to open the door. Meanwhile, Dawn lay on her stomach in the bed. Her head was resting on her hands and she smiled at Casey as if nothing had happened.

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